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I'm working on a project for deviantART to streamline the submission process. I'm trying to think of all the different points of interaction between an idea or concept for a piece of art and submitting it onto the site. What programs do you use? Basically, what are the steps you take to go from idea to design to submit. Are there any plugins or applications that we could use to automate the process? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I wrote a quick, new blog post that showcases some of my favorite UI Elements from deviantART, check it out here:
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I'm back! It's so great to see everyone. I even got to be roommates with Pachunka last night! :) West Hollywood is an extremely interesting and vibrant place. It's always fun to come visit and see what crazy stuff they have going on here. I'll keep this journal updated more, I promise. :)
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SRaffa sent me a few questions about the site and I figured they'd be interesting for everyone to read.

What's your earliest memory of your involvement with deviantART? An incident? A place? A work of art?
My earliest memory was the conversation I had with jark on IRC. We used to frequent #mp3 and #deskmod and other desktop customization chatrooms.

Where was deviantART physically located when it all began, and how did it evolve from there?
Physically, it was always located in SoCal with Angelo. Since DMusic owned all the servers, we were originally tacked on with them.

Was there a particular artist, or piece of art, that suddenly gave you a new estimation of what deviantART might eventually become? Who was that artist / what was that piece, and what do you remember about your reaction to it?
Man, that is a really good question. We always had amazing artists involved in the community from day 1. My two biggest inspirations at the time were jake, precurser, pixelphreak, and monaux... among many others.

What was the height of the extent of your involvement with deviantART, both in terms of the social networking you were drawn into and the technical demands of the site's infrastructure? Can you describe what those days were like?
I was basically in charge of Artist Relations. I was the liaison between the community and the dev team. And we had tons of technical problems back then, since we were constantly pushing the limits of what the current technology could handle. We had many outages, laggy days, and even some data loss. It was a constant battle just to keep the site up. I was involved in the site and active in chatrooms, forums, shoutboxes, etc. for about 10-14 hours a day, depending on how much schoolwork I had. I was a full-time college freshman at the time.

Have you seen work on deviantART that you've wanted to purchase? Or have you ever commissioned art from a deviant?
I was in charge of getting the print program together, so I have TONS of deviantART prints somewhere in tubes and boxes. In college, they were all over my walls, but over the years, I have lost some and failed to put some up. I have often talked about commissioning jasinski for a piece to go above my mantle, but I've been too busy to really move forward with it.

Can you tell me about your lowest point with deviantART? Have you ever wanted to separate yourself from the site entirely?
Absolutely. I think it's pretty common knowledge that Angelo, Scott and I had our differences. The lowest point, from my perspective, was when Jark was let go. I didn't have a good relationship with Angelo at the time and things were strained to say the least. Since then, I have sat down with Angelo and discussed exactly what happened and why it had to happen. I understand now that Angelo was sort of forced into the situation and how hard it was for him during those times. We are now on really good terms and I think it all comes down to communication. Talking things out really helped.

Was there anything in particular that you learned about art, as a result of your involvement with deviantART?
Everything I know about art I learned from deviantART. :) I have no formal education in any of this, so the entire experience was a learning process for me. All I knew before deviantART was how to create some cool interfaces in Photoshop. I didn't understand why it was important or the impact it had on our everyday lives.

What is your current level of involvement with deviantART?
I am a consultant at the moment, hoping to get more and more involved as time goes on. I miss working on the site and am so excited to see how far it has come since I left. Angelo, Heidi, Chris, and others have done a remarkable job at creating and managing one of the most talented teams I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Are you satisfied with your current involvement with deviantART, or are there issues you'd like to see resolved?
Like I said, I would like to be more involved, but it's a delicate process. I live in Austin, Texas and most of the company is in LA. So I get to visit, but day-to-day operations are hard when working remotely. Ideally, I'd like to come back as a product manager and focus on one product while maintaining my role as an advisor and consultant to Angelo.

Having been present from the very inception of deviantART, would you share your thoughts about the site regarding its tenth birthday? Positive thoughts, negative thoughts?
Looking back to those early days, I think about how many of those sites, those people, those ideas are still around. I would say that 99% of everything that made deviantART into what it is today are gone. Deskmod is gone. Wasted Youth is gone. is gone. Most of the original core staff have moved on to other jobs or projects. It's amazing that we were able to create something so profound that it withstood the test of time. They always say the best music can be enjoyed by every generation. I'm not trying to compare dA to the Beatles :), but it's amazing to see people growing up and new generations taking over, all in the name of art.
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Man... I feel old...

I was 18 when deviantART first opened its doors. I was so young and naive. I had this idealistic vision of an online community of artists, coming together to promote creativity and the freedom of expression. We had no idea that it would actually succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

I got into digital art in high school, like most of the people here. But as I learned, I wanted to return the favor so for every tutorial that I read, I tried to write one as well. My website, Wasted Youth, was the home for all of these tutorials and quickly gained popularity. As I found more free time during college, I wanted to introduce a community aspect to the site, for artists to showcase their creations and tutorials. Scott (jark) and I discussed creating a separate site, which he called screenphukt. I hated this name and the design for it, so we went with deviantART instead. I'm not sure where it came from, but it stuck along with the green design.

The first version was so simple and basic. There was really nothing revolutionary about how the site worked. It was the community of people that flocked to the site that made it special. Experts use the "network effect" to describe the success of simple sites, like Craigslist, and I think that's exactly why deviantART was so special in the early days.

We spent the first few months commenting on every single piece of art that was submitted. I introduced Daily Deviations to feature more art and artists, which proved to be a very successful feature. As people strived to be featured on the homepage, the community seemed to grow organically and exponentially. The forums filled up, the IRC chat rooms filled up, everything on the site seemed to be taking off. 6 months after our launch, we knew we were onto something much bigger than we anticipated.

I will write another followup journal as we get closer to the 10th birthday.
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My thoughts:
Version 7 is a huge improvement, both in speed and functionality. To dispute this is futile. I also think it's an important step for the site and those involved with it. I understand the community is always going to reject change, especially when it's thrust upon them, as I've gone through many of these upgrades myself. But deviantART is always evolving. We're always learning from past mistakes and improving. I know this experience will be great for everyone in the end.

And if you think this company doesn't listen to this community, you're wrong. The community controls this site. Angelo reads every single comment. I saw him yesterday reading them. Everyone at dA has worked so hard on this and I know they don't get the appreciation they deserve. Cheers to them. They mean more to me than they know.

And no matter what happens, this version launch will be a pivotal moment for the site. This is a huge step forward.

Stay positive and optimistic. We are listening.
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The winner of the 50 points goes to ::buttercupbabyppg:: for his awesome -part Photoshop marker tutorial.

Thanks to everyone who entered and I will have another contest soon! Trust me!

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I think points are the best idea deviantART has had since it began. There. I said it!

I've told Angelo on numerous occasions that it's the right decision and that I can't wait until they are launched..... WELL! They are here!

To celebrate the launch of such a momentous occasion, I decided to give some away.

That being said, if you'd like some points, I am looking for amazing Photoshop tutorials that I haven't seen before. Send me some URLs in a note and if I like yours the best, I'll hook you up with 50 points!

THAT'S RIGHT! 50 POINTS FOR THE BEST PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL YOU CAN FIND! Bonus points if you create one yourself!

So go out and do some work! :)
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From my new group -

I have been designing web sites for 15 years and, over the years, have been asked by many people to teach them what I know. Since I got tired of reorganizing everything each time, I developed a curriculum and an 8-day course to teach the basics. Here is a quick outline:

Day 1 - Basic XHTML & CSS
Day 2 - Continuing XHTML & CSS
Day 3 - Positioning with CSS
Day 4 - Testing Your Pages
Day 5 - Using Photoshop for Mockups
Day 6 - Using jQuery for Effects
Day 7 - Using Content Management Systems (CMS's)
Day 8 - Putting it all Together

If you are interested in learning these extremely marketable skills, then request to join this group. Once there are 10 people in the group, I will start a class. If there is enough interest, I will consider doing this as an ongoing deviantCLASS.

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I'm not going to take my deviations out of storage yet, but I am gonna be uploading some new designs. I'm playing alot with the portfolio stuff and wanted to have some real content.

So keep in touch cuz I'm online everyday.
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It's so strange to be updating this journal again. It's like stumbling upon something from another life. It's hard to believe that I spent so many years working so hard here.

Anyways, I've been getting alot of comments thanking me for everything and I wanted to say that I truly appreciate it. Always remember that it was Jark and I that started this, with the help of attila, arc, mikeylove, and alot more that I can't even think of because it was 7 years ago.

No matter what propaganda you are fed from this administration, remember the truth.

As for me, I'm still in Austin, loving my life. I have a great job and get to do whatever I want basically. I have money and time to travel when and where I want. I get to hang out with my friends and party as much as ever. So things are going great.

I'd love to hear from any of you, especially those from the "good ol days".

Also, before I go.. if you like deviantART film, you should check out my latest project, We are a tech company built for the independent film industry. We develop communities for film festivals around the world and have our finger on the pulse of what's hot in film. We then distribute those that do well. It's a brilliant system and we're doing great. So check it out! :)




I have not updated this journal in a really long time, but this time I actually have something to say. I have been working with a company that I absolutely love, We are a film distribution company, but a very unique one. I get to combine my two passions: web development and film.

Anyways, the reason I am posting this is because we have a movie coming out in the fall and the website was just launched.

The movie is called Before the Music Dies and it's a magnificent documentary about the American music industry.

The Synopsis:
With outstanding musical performances and revealing interviews, Before the Music Dies takes a critical and comedic look at the faceless machinery of the American music industry and the increasingly bland mediocrity it produces.

Throughout the documentary, talents such as Dave Matthews, Erykah Badu, Branford Marsalis, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt, and Questlove join industry commentators and the fans themselves to creatively "pull back the curtain" and expose the sad truth behind today's music stars.

"The reality is that superficiality is in," says Marsalis. "And depth and quality is kind of out."

In their quest for "real" American music, filmmakers Andrew Shapter and Joel Rasmussen traveled thousands of miles to uncover mega-talents without major labels, including one artist Eric Clapton proclaims as "the real thing."

In addition to interviewing artists, the filmmakers asked writers and critics from Indie 911, CNN, USA Today, Rolling Stone, The New York Times, NPR and others why radio stations always play the same few songs over and over again, why major labels no longer allow musicians to develop their career over time, why local radio stations don't feel so local anymore, and so much more.

Before the Music Dies features incredible, never-before-seen performances by many of the artists featured in the film, including Dave Matthews, Erykah Badu, Calexico, Branford Marsalis, Eric Clapton, Blaze, Guy Forsyth, and Correo Aereo.

Visit the Website

So check it out and let me know what you think! I think everyone will absolutely love this film and I am trying to get the word out, so tell your friends who might be interested.


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I've been busy these past couple of days designing a new Wordpress theme. You can check it out at and download it at…

Tell me what you think! :)

Digg this story:…

Joey and I have launched site #2 of our RSS network. FeedPing ( basically takes any RSS feed and submits it to all the major directories including My Yahoo!, Feedster, Ice Rocket, etc.

It's a free, easy way to promote your RSS feeds, so check it out! :)

I have launched a new blog that features a new RSS feed everyday. It's called and it's a pretty cool site.

I have decided that I'm going to take the next step and develop a network of sites devoted to the production, promotion and advancement of RSS development. This is the first of 4 sites that I'm creating with my developer friend, Joey Mazzarelli.

Also, if you use, then please help us out by digging the article.…

Thanks and I'll keep everyone updated.

me, jark, and some other fellow deviants have created

a blog that features some of our favorite and lesser known artists. check it out and become involved. we'll also be blogging about other things that may spark your interest. :)

well guys, i just wanted to say thanks once again for all the kind words and hard work put into the deviations. if you submitted something and i haven't commented on it, please leave me a link so i can check it out.

thanks! :)

i would like to thank darquejag, bookdiva, unfetteredgrace and everyone involved for the humbling support you have shown. jark and i both appreciate everything the community has done for us in the past.

you have shown us that this community is not only worth fighting for, but that you are willing to help us in that fight.

this day shouldn't be just for me, but for everyone that was here when this site was launched. jark, arc, tack, and attila just to name a few. we had alot of great times and i'm hoping to bring those back for the rest of you to enjoy.

so on this day, don't bash those responsible for the current situation. that would be stooping to their level. instead, celebrate the good times from the past, present, and future. celebrate the fact that no matter what situation we're faced with, this community will persevere. that is what i ask on this day of celebration.

and if i don't get my co-founder status, don't worry. it's not a big deal to me. we all know the truth and nobody can take that away. :)

this has been posted i'm sure, but still.. where is he?…

and i'm gone. email me if you have any comments.